Stockrow shows blank page after I sign in

I just created an account. The moment I sign in, the page goes blank. If I hit refresh, the screen paints normally for a fraction of a second, then goes blank again. Same behavior in Firefox and Chrome. I have to hit F5 and position my mouse directly over the logout button so that I can logout in the fraction of a second that I can see the logout button. After logging out, I see the page contents as usual.

Having exactly the same problem when 1st time log in to this site ( However, if I goes to, I can view community posts. Once return to the home page screen is blank again.

Same problem here. Seemed to work fine until I signed in, then flicks properly before going to a white screen.

Same problem. I regret that I have registered, because now I can not see even the free stuff.

Same here for me! I cannot access after I log in!

Hey! Sorry that was a tough one and took us a bit to get to the bottom of it. Should be fixed now.

screen disappearing again after login. pls advise. Thx!