Some bugs in financial data

Thanks for the platform.

I think I found some issues in financial data.

  1. In “Metrics” Interest Coverage is always 0, perhaps it’s miscalculated. I checked it for a number of companies, and it was always 0 even when it was supposed to be non-zero.
  2. (minor) In “Growth” exported to Excel there’s a typo - “3Y Reveue Growth (CAGR)” (should be “Revenue”).
  3. Also, comparing different companies I noticed that there’s some inconsistency in the data available. I don’t have an example at hand, but it was something like ROE was either in Trailing metrics or in Annual or in Quarterly, and that was different for some companies.

An unrelated note: found that the data for Agnico Eagle Mines Limited (NYSE:AEM) is not available on the website.