Potential Flaws on FB's, DG's and DIS's estimated EPS Data (FY2021, FY2022, FY2023)


Under “Key Stats” tab, the estimated Earnings/Sh for 2021, 2022 and 2023 are $0.05, $0.06 and $0.06 respectively. This doesn’t seem to make sense when comparing these estimated EPS to historical EPS (ranged between $5~$10 over the past 4 years).

The estimated EPS that are provided by other websites are significantly different from the ones provided Stockrow. I understand that there would be differences in estimate data among different websites due to the database. But, the difference is significant in this case.

While for DG & DIS, the EPS estimates from Stockrow is considerably different from the ones provided by Yahoo Finance, Seekingalpha as well. The EPS Estimates for DIS don’t seem to make sense as well.

So, I guess there’s some flaw here. Can you have a look at it?


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