Market - Country - Currency Info

I am new here and couldn’t find any help desk contact info. I hope, I can find the answer in this way. I have 3 basic questions for screening the companies

  1. How can I filter companies by country (Business Address & Original One) ?
  2. How can I filter stocks by market (NYSE, CAC, DAX, Bovesap ? Future Market, OTC, Stock ) ?
  3. How can I filter financial statements by currency (Are all numbers in USD or is there any local currency ) ?

The screener here doesn’t have a way to filter by those criteria. A way around that though is run a screen with those criteria on Nasdaq’s site at

With the Nasdaq screener though, you don’t have to include all your criteria. Just screen by market and country so it’ll show that data for each company.

Export your Nasdaq results to Excel (Download CSV box at bottom of table).

Run your screen here, export the results to Excel.

With the results of both screens in Excel, you can paste country and market data from the Nasdaq screen into the Marketwatch screen.

All the companies are in USD, that’s what they report in their SEC filings.

Then, it means all are stocks in US Exchanges because they report to SEC.

It really helps. Thank you very much for your kind help.