Historical Float

Hi there,

I just came across this nice website. Really good work in comparison to most finance websites out there. I used the screener to get the share float and it also shows the historical float, which is unique! Is it possible to implement those charts on the key stats (or other sites) as well? Historical float is a huge factor so a historical (and scrollable) chart would be awesome!

Thanks for the feedback

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Hi Felix,

thanks for posting here, we do display the number of shares outstanding over years. I think that is a very good proxy for the total float. The data for no. of shares goes back even more years than that. You can display it in interactive chart or snapshot.

Hey Matus! Thanks for the reply.
Attached you find the screen where I saw the float on your end. It also shows the historical one, but its not possible to access this in interactive chart. The float is in confluence with what I saw on Finviz etc.
And it differs from the outstanding shares, thats why a historical view on that would be great. Would be awesome, if this small chart would be interactive.

Thanks once again!

Hm alright, will examine it and see what we can about the chart. Have to double check the data as the float shouldn’t vary so much.

That would be awesome. I use it for those small cap stocks. Here you find more secondary offerings etc. on a regular basis. Update me on the process. I would pay for this feature alone!


Thanks again Felix, we will see what we can do.


Would love to see this too. I have been searching the web for a resource that would plot historical floating shares data in comparison with other metrics.

Hello Felix. What is the name of this website. Thanks in advance Please answer

Is the float shares chart still available?