Get data from website to an excel sheet


First of all, I’d like to congratulate all of the staff members from the website, cause as i could see, the site provides data in a way that, at least for me, it’s very organized.

I’m trying to automate my excel sheets which i save most of the companies statements, but besides it’s available a button to download the data ( yep, i saw it) i couldn’t do it using vba because i couldn’t see the original table, for example, APPL income statement.

Anyone has any idea how to do it? Basically i type the stock ticker in my excel sheet and the program access the site and try to copy and past the tables provided.



Really appreciate your comment, we will expand the site further to make it easy for all investors to access all necessary data for research.

I guess you could use Python to create something like that, but I am not very adept at that. Perhaps someone else can help, we do get quite a few people who download financials in bulk.

If you don’t mind me asking, why do you want to automate it into excel? Is it more convenient to just get all data in excel and then do the calculations there? Are there any ratios that you think are missing on our site? Thanks

Sup Matus, thanks for the answer.

Yep, sometimes i use python, sometimes I don’t and tbh I’m new here, so I’m still looking for the better way to do that. In fact, I’m used to work with vba, that’s why i prefer to work with it besides i do agree that for webscrapping python may be better.

For me it’s more convenient, for example after the earnings season, to the get all the data from 10 stocks than doing it one by one…Of course, that’s not a lot of time saving, but once u get a default spreadsheet (in my cause its just for value the stocks using a simple DCF), it gets easier to work if u in the future decides to change part of your portfolio.

Tbh here it’s the first place that provides most of all the ratios and indicators calculated and tbh first i was looking just for the statements and just after navigating through the website i founded the ratios which might be very helpful.

I’ll talk with a friend of mine who used to work with python and html for get some help…btw the summary page for each stock looks awesome, nice job.


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Yes VBA is very handy for some things, but Python is usually preferred for such tasks. Wouldn’t it be more convenient for you, if we created a tool, where you input tickers and get back the data that you need? But I understand that once you write a program to download data, it’s just a matter of changing the tickers in excel.

I think many users don’t know that there are so many ratios available, we will have to think of a way to display the most useful ones more prominently.

Do you mean the Key Stats page for each stock, or the Snapshot summary? Thanks.

I meant the summary with the charts and resume of the company, it looks like very clean and useful imo.
Yep, I talked with a friend of mine which looked at the html and he pointed out that all the stocks may present the same tag:


So, it looks like a problem (idk if i’m right cause I know nothing of html lol) to deal with the data using this kind of webscrapping cause oyu can’t distinguish the stocks just like you would do by manipulating the URL.
About the now tool:
Well, I would be very grateful with this new tool, it would make my life much easier tbh and , as I said, I like to work with python too and the file can easily be converted to a spreadsheet.

I’m an engineering and I just know the basics to get some data from web, I need to learn how to deal with that better lol.

by the way, about the ratios, idk for me looks good! I know that there’s a lot of them and maybe some of them may be ‘more’ useful sometimes, but i use to look to all of them when I’m looking deeply to a company so to me it’s good as it’s presented now.

Again, good job with the website, it looks like the Nasdaq website, very organized and very different from another ones that i’ve already seen in my life. It looks like that it took a lot of your time to do that, great job!

Alright, we will take a look at that html and see what we can do about it.

Perhaps such a tool would be useful to others as well. We can make a poll and see if it would save time for more people.

Regarding the ratios, we are actually planning to improve the summary page a bit, and show more relevant data in a very easy to use format. Can send you a preview once it’s done, if you are interested.

And thanks for the kind words, they keep us going!

Hey Matus, thank you very much for being open to suggestions like this. I strongly agree with Ferreira, making your sites downloadable via VBA would be a major advantage. Especially being able to download financial statements that way.

I write VBA to download Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows statements into Excel for nearly every company traded on Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX. N is several thousand, so it’s infeasible to manually download them all. Just downloading ratio kind of measurements doesn’t work though because I use measurements that are never listed in summaries like those. Must include downloads for nearly all publicly traded companies to calculate percentiles, like has to be in the top decile for this, bottom quartile for that…

Right now when I try to import financial statements from your sites into Excel, it just gives me a blank screen to download.

Hi, I totally agree with the comment here. I would highly appreciate having an Excel add-in to feed my stocks analysis sheets. I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for it. (like 10$/m)

Is it in the plans?


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Matus, if you wonder about the method of downloading I’m referring to, it’s

  1. Data
  2. From Web
  3. Put in the URL financial statements get downloaded from, like
  4. Small yellow squares should appear on the page to select data to download. After selecting the yellow square, download.
  5. This downloads the data selected. Then when data gets REFRESH, it does new downloads to refresh what was downloaded previously. This works well to set up a spreadsheet now, then refresh it like that to get up-to-date information every time we’re looking to buy.

If you make financial statements downloadable from your site into Excel, I can even write a VBA for you to share on here.

So basically we have two solutions, the new tool or just make the data from the website downloadable for vba’s users. Tbh I didn’t have time to try to do it with python yet, i’ll do it next weekend.

The program using VBA it’s pretty simple to code and it looks like that we just need to make the data from the income statement, balance sheet etc, to appear like a table in excel.

For example, if u take a look at NASDAQ website, you can clearly see the numbered tables in excel, so you can pick one if you want.

  • Not so clearly, i’ve tried it now and the query from excel didn’t loaded the page (poor M$ services).

But what we need, at least what I think we need it’s that:

Once you know the table number, you can pick one or all of them in your code.

I’ll try do it with python, cause as we know the language it’s much more powerful than the simple VBA from excel.

Right, just need to make financial statements appear as tables to download in Excel.

It’d also be beneficial to change the format of the numbers. Having letters like M for millions at the end of each number makes them download as text instead of N. Have to use a separate sheet with formulas like (=if(right(A1,1) = “B”,Left(A1,len(a1)-1)*1000000000),if(right(A1,1) = “M”,Left(A1,len(a1)-1)*1000000),if(right(A1,1) = “T”,Left(A1,len(a1)-1)*1000)))) to convert every financial statement number into N format. Could use a format like Nasdaq uses where every statement appears as (values in 000’s).

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I think it is doable from our side, but I would have to check with our data provider, if that’s allowed. I understand that it’s much easier to work in excel with all the data, I’m kind of an excel junkie myself.

I will discuss this with my buddies who programmed the site and I’m sure we will come up with a feasible solution.

We will definitely change the formatting to millions for all financial data, it doesn’t make sense to display the “m” at the end of each number.


If I may add, that would be awesome to get kind of formula’s in excel to fetch the data. Something like =stockR(“ticker”, “data_type”, “period”). Ex: =stockR(“APPL”,“revenue_growth”,“Q-1”)

It is REALLY convenient.

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That would be really awesome.

If they make data downloadable, I could make something that works like that. I’d design it like column A you put in ticker, column B you select data type from a drop-down list, and column C you select period from a drop down list. Then it gives you the results in column D.


Yeah I was thinking about something very similar.

Great suggestions, I can’t make any promises, but I’m sure we will figure something out that will work for everyone.


Very nice to hear Matus, thanks for the implication. Would you have an ETA on this feature?

Matus, if you guys make stuff downloadable, I’ll do the rest. I’ll make a template you can share that’ll do what these people want.

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Unfortunately, I can’t give you an ETA for this. We are meeting on Saturday and will discuss this, after that I will have a better idea of what it takes to implement. @crossr74 We will keep that in mind, really appreciate your help.

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