Feedback / Bugs for StockRow

I am not able to find a place to give feedback to StockRow. So, I am creating this thread in the hope that it would be useful for everyone.

First, I love this site, and how well it performs.

One problem I noticed : I use short cuts in chrome. For eg: sr maps to stockrow. (You can do this in chrome by going to chrome://settings/searchEngines). Whenever I use that, ("sr GOOG) for example, the whole page loads, but the quote, and graph doesn’t load. If I search for a ticker using the search bar, and load it, then it works fine.

I notice this also happens when you directly click on an URL. Eg: Click that that, and you won’t see quote and graph load. :

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Hi, thanks for letting us know about this bug, we are working on it. The site should work also for tickers typed in lowercase letters, we will look into it and see what’s wrong. And I’m really glad you use stockrow for analysis.

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Thank you for the reply! I didn’t realize the problem happens only when I type the symbol in small letters. I will use caps for now.

Thanks again for your effort in building this site. Came across this in SeekingAlpha, and I liked it so much, that I introduced it to my inv club, and everyone there loves it too!

That’s great, thanks for sharing it! We will fix the problem with small letters, will let you know once it’s done. You can invite the members from your club to post here if they like, I am quite curious about their feedback.

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New feedback.

Statements of Cash Flows, the Operating Activities sector is supposed to start with net income, then lines below have cash flow adjustments to net income like depreciation, changes in accounts receivable, changes in inventory…
Those adjustments get added and subtracted from net income to result in cash flows from operations.

But net income isn’t the first line in any of the tickers I checked.

You are correct, it is due to the way the financials pages were built. It would not be so easy to change the indicators in cash flow, we would have to redo some stuff. It can be done but first we have to finish the keystats page and release the premium version.

I don’t know if it’s mentioned anywhere else, but on the front page, all the ‘n’-characters under the “market news” tab disappeared.
I’m sure you guys have noticed too.

Yes we know about this bug, and we’re trying to fix it. The “n” is missing only in some browsers and operating systems, so we have to figure out what’s wrong.

I lost the opportunity to change “duration” of stock performance charts: i.e. 1 month, 1 year, 3 years, 10 years, etc. All charts are now fixed. Is this a bug?

Hi, thanks for reporting it. It’s not actually a bug, we are preparing to release a new keystats report which will be much broader and easier to digest than the old one, and this is a result of that. So please bear with this just a bit, and I’m sure you will like the new one!

Great news then! Thanks, Matus

Thanks for providing, it’s a great resource with a great screener.

My question is about RoE, it seems like it has disappeared from all stocks. Will it come back?

Hey, thanks for reporting it, we are looking into the issue. Right now we don’t know what went wrong but we will figure it out and fix it!

Stockrow is probably the best screener out there and I am loving it.
This may be a temporary bug.
I noticed that the Cash and Cash Equivalents row is showing zero for all the companies. However on exporting the excel sheet, it shows the correct value.
Could you please look into this?

Hi Kartik, yes it was a bug on our side and we fixed it. Hope it works for you now.

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Hi Matus. there may be a small data bug… not really sure… but the market cap for GSKY shows as 692 million:

This is incorrect it should be about 2000 million


Thanks! We will check what’s wrong and fix it

Actually, yeah I don’t quite understand. . the android app Webull has the same market cap price as you guys. . seems the relative data provider’s have a different value. . not a major issue for me, I have seen this sort of thing in the past. Users has responsibility to double check values I feel…

Probably something with our data provider, we will fix the issue.

Hello, will you be adding canadian stocks? This platform is amazing and easy to use. I currently use thomson one and i like this better. The only thing holding me back is that i cannot access canadian stocks.