Bulk excel export

Hi, based on a lot of feedback we received, we have decided to add a bulk export feature to Stockrow. You can now access this feature by going to Financials on any ticker page ( and clicking (Bulk Excel Export). A pop-up window will show up, where you can specify the tickers to be exported (up to 50 at a time) and specific indicators (unlimited) as shown on the picture.

You can easily export daily, quarterly, annual or trailing data and analyze it across all dimensions. It’s possible to calculate median valuation multiples, average margins across several years, look at stocks that increase dividends each year and much more!

You can also directly export daily stock prices, by typing “Stock price” in the indicator input row. The bulk export is available to Premium subscribers. However you can always try it for 14 days for free!

Hey Matus, a way to improve that is have it download each line in the same sequence for each company. Like right now downloading Total Assets, Free Cash Flow and Net Income to calculate ROA linear regression analysis, for some companies they appear in that sequence, others appear in different sequences. Having those accounts download in random sequences for each company makes it harder to make formulas to calculate with.

Hi, we will try to fix that so it’s much easier to export and use the feature.

Another way to make it work better, let it accept multiple tickers at once for adding to list. Like say you run an initial screen that results in 100 worth analyzing in more detail. To bulk download, you have to manually enter all 100 tickers one-by-one (in 2 groups because of limit of 50) to add them to the list. Can be rather tedious manually entering 100 tickers like that. Would help if we can copy 50 tickers and paste them into the line where tickers get entered for it to bulk export for those 50. When pasting them in, it already pastes them with spaces between each ticker so would be easy enough to program it to recognize each one as a ticker to add.

There appears to be a bug with bulk downloading. Just to use NOC as an example, its annual Repayment/Issuance of Debt (Net) from CF statement downloads in a way that’s 2 years behind. Like the 2019-12-31 amount appears under the 2017-12-31 column, 2018-12-31 amount appears under the 2016-12-31 column, etc. The 2019-12-31 and 2018-12-31 columns they’re supposed to appear under download as blank.

I tried downloading twice, did it both times.

It does that because of years with $0. Instead of entering those properly, it shifts those to the most recent period and shifts all the other periods back 1. Like say for example a company’s share repurchases on their CF statement are:

2015: -7000
2016: -10000
2017: 0
2018: -12000
2019: 1000

With the bulk export, it’ll download as:
2015: -7000
2016: -10000
2017: -12000
2018: 1000
2019: Blank

Hi, there is indeed a bug there, we’ll look into it. Thanks for reporting this.

Hello, has there been any progress towards standardizing the line sequence for bulk downloads for multiple companies as crossr74 references elsewhere in this post? I’ve also noticed that if there is no data for an item, that it doesn’t provide the element at all (Treasury Stock is one example) making it a little more difficult to set up standard analysis. Thank you.